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Dec 1, 2022

Adult Empire has named Leana Lovings its 2022 Pornstar of the Year! In her second appearance on the Adult Empire Podcast, Lovings reacts to this news, discusses her big year, and gives us a preview of what she’s planning next.

Nov 18, 2022

Join veteran star Brittany Andrews for a discussion of porn’s past, present, and future. Andrews talks about the younger generation of pornstars, cryptocurrency, pornstar dating, being a “social introvert,” the effects of ED drugs on the industry, and more.

Oct 21, 2022

Jupiter Jetson’s beauty and wit have made her a popular model at the famous Sheri’s Ranch in Nevada. She’s also made an impression in porn movies such as “East Bay Brats.” In this new interview, Jetson discusses the subjectivity of kink, misconceptions about brothels, her “butt doppelganger,” spit...

Oct 7, 2022

Just as her last name implies, Liv Revamped has always had an uncanny knack for revitalizing and reinventing herself. In this new Adult Empire interview, she discusses her stage name, the challenges of being ultra-petite, her zaniest porn scene, pornstar stereotypes, the “South Park” porn spoof, and much more.

Sep 16, 2022

“Midwestern MILF” Linzee Ryder began her career as a dancer before transitioning to porn in 2019. In this new interview, she discusses Midwestern accents, fan compliments, shyness, how she got into the industry, dominance and submission, whether she’ll shoot an anal scene, unusual fetishes, striptease bloopers,...